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Islamic Society of California

Welcome to the official website for the Islamic Society of California please enjoy your visit with us and don’t forget to bookmark us for updates… Feel free to explore our site and the many wonderful links we have included.

mosqueThe Islamic Society of California has been established. Its goal is to invite Muslims and non-Muslims to learn and understand Islam. Knowledge is power.A brand new center is in the process of being constructed in the beautiful and historic city of Red lands. Red lands has always been a hub for religious groups of every variety. Never before, however, has a center been established for the fastest growing faith in the world: Islam… Until now. The Islamic Society of California (founded by a Red lands resident in December, 1999) is designing the Islamic Center of Red lands, which will bear the title of the city in the world for lifetimes to come.

This is a long-awaited addition to the roster of other religious establishments in Red lands. The desire is to create a center where anyone who wishes to learn more about Islam can come to the Islamic public library or enjoy other Multi-Center programs, or utilize the Community Center. The creation of a Mosque (a house for prayer) will also be realized. Construction has already begun.

The need for an Islamic center in Red lands is so overwhelmingly evident when the sheer number of other religious groups in this town is calculated.  The addition of an Islamic center is long overdue.  The universal nature of the planned center makes it even more appealing for the city as a whole.  Plans include outreach to the homeless and those in need.  The Public Library and Community Center will provide a productive venue for people of all ages to enjoy solitude or contemplation.

The site is centrally located at:  11210 Alabama Street, near Barton Road in Redlands, California.

Again, if possible, please be generous in your donation, financial or advisory help for this great and exciting cause.  No amount of help is too small.  “Those who spend their wealth in Allah’s (God’s) cause by night and day, in secret or in public, shall have their reward with their Lord.  On them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve” (v.2:274, Holy Qur’an).