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Click here to read the Qur’an online! (in English) The Holy Qur’an in Spanish (Espanol)
The Holy Qur’an in French (Francais) The Holy Qur’an in German (Deustch)
The Holy Qur’an available in other languages

Adhan — Call to prayer:  in Real Audio
(You will need Real Audio Player)

Radio Al-Islam
(Many Real Audio Islamic sound clips)

Islamic Chat Rooms
(Choose a chat room to speak out!)

A wonderful site to download FREE Islamic programs
(Includes prayer programs, Arabic fonts and much more)

Introducing Islam, by Ahmad H. Sakr, Ph.D
(Dr. Sakr Introduces Islam to those seeking knowledge)

The Concept of God in Islam
(“Allah is the name of the one true God”)

Islamic Architecture
(Photos of beautiful Islamic architecture)

More wonderful sites of interest

Discover Islam: includes free downloads Information and articles on Islam
Islamic Way – Very useful downloads Islam: Be Convinced

Search for Islamic books or audio at:

There are some VERY good books on Islam there! Very much worth the visit!