Our Mission And Policies

The Islamic Society of California is a non-profit suramaryindependent organization.  Our goal is to establish more than one center.  The first one is the Islamic Center of Red lands.  The purpose is to deliver the message of Islam to the people of the United States of America as well as to the entire world.  The centers will have comprehensive programs from birth to death for those who are interested, and participate in it.

Our aim is to provide educational, religious, social, help for children and teens to give them the correct start in life, as well as counseling for drugs, alcohol, pregnancy, venereal diseases, low cost medical services, help and food for the homeless, recreational and cultural facilities and practical use for it.

All will be recognized as Muslims and non-Muslims, but not by ethnic or by cultural origins.  The programs may begin at birth as child care facilities both Islamic and general education will be given and follow the Islamic principles in all stages of life.  Once the children grow up, advisory and counseling persons will be available to advise them for their future careers and may help them directly or indirectly.  Once they retire, some may choose to live in the Muslim Retirement Community near the Islamic Center, Community Center and Islamic Public Library.

The elderly may take advantage of living within the Muslim neighborhood and take care of each other and serve the center till death.  At that time, they could be buried at our nearby Muslim Cemetery, where families, relatives and Imam may visit graves at least once a week and pray for them regularly.


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A symbolic rose for each of the five pillars of Islam.